Media Relations & Crisis Management

There’s a story in every organization or business. There’s a reporter who will publish or broadcast your story.

We’ll help you find your organization’s story, develop the narrative and help direct the characters–your employees, customers, volunteers or clients.

Fundamentals, Examples of Crisis Media Relations

Every organization needs to be prepared for a crisis. We’ll help you develop a crisis plan and spend time reviewing every step with your team. When an accident or tragedy happens, we’ll be there to assist you.

Mueller Communication’s Blog Posts On Crisis Media Relations

Get Facts: Gathering all of the facts that surround a story is essential to helping organizations develop effective messages. Below is an example of a murder involving parents and volunteers in a youth group. By gathering all relevant facts associated with this tragedy, the statement by Joe Mueller led the reporter and the audience to focus on the children served by the program.

Develop Key Messages: Groups can attempt to gain influence and attention by criticizing the service of volunteer organizations, no matter how altruistic. Messaging was developed that put a protest of a community-wide food drive in proper context.

Create, Maintain or Enhance Relationships: Throughout a 20-plus year career in public relations, Joe Mueller focused on assisting reporters and editors with all stories–not just “good news.” Good working relationships led to positive media coverage when organizations had “good news” stories.

Take Charge: When dealing with a crisis in your organization, one must exhibit leadership strategic thinking. In the media story below, a child was missing for several hours. When the child was found, Joe Mueller orchestrated a photo and media opportunity that helped the family of the missing child communicate their thanks to the first responders and hundreds of volunteers who took part in the search.

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