Our Mission, Approach, Service

Joe Mueller speaks on e-mail strategy during the Community Service Public Relations Council's Spectrum Conference in May.

Joe Mueller speaks on e-mail strategy during the Community Service Public Relations Council’s Spectrum Conference in May.

Many businesses and organizations are struggling as they attempt to successfully communicate. They know good communications is critical for success, but today’s landscape can be treacherous. It often forces great organizations into a state of paralysis. They don’t know,

  • what to say,
  • when to communicate,
  • how to create effective messages,
  • how to distribute or publish,
  • what channel to use, and
  • how to identify audiences.

Our Mission

Mueller Communications was founded to help businesses and organizations develop effective communications strategies and tactics. Throughout all engagements with clients and prospective clients, we strive to adhere to our mission:

“To create connections between people and groups and develop strategic approaches that unify people in working together to achieve a common goal.”

Our Approach

Mueller Communications spends a significant amount of time developing relationships with clients before submitting a proposal.  Client relationships are built on honesty, transparency and forthrightness.  Positive and productive working relationships provide an opportunity for clients to accurately and succinctly describe challenges and communicate a vision of success.  This provides Mueller Communications with an opportunity to develop innovative and creative solutions to assist clients in achieving their goals, desired outcomes or successfully completing campaigns.

We follow the traditional four-step process developed decades ago by academics in and practitioners of public relations:

  1. Identify the problem and conduct research to collect all relevant information
  2. Create a plan to achieve organizational goals, desired outcomes or other specific expectations
  3. Execute the plan with a level of flexibility to react to unforeseen obstacles or circumstances
  4. Review the results of the initiative

What We Do

Mueller Communications serves mostly educational institutions and nonprofit organizations in a variety of fields with annual budgets ranging from $600,000 to $15 billion. The following services are provided:

  • Internal communications
  • Integrated marketing communications
  • Writing
  • Crisis communications management
  • Digital communications–electronic newsletters, social media strategies
  • Leadership development
  • Media relations and training
  • Speech writing and corporate presentations
  • Special events planning and support
  • Organizational strategic planning
  • Video production
  • Audio production (podcasting)
  • Fundraising and capital campaign communications

Is your business or organization in need of communications assistance? We are here to serve you, your employees or associates, your customers and many other groups of stakeholders. These groups want—and need—news and information from your organization.  Creation, maintenance or enhancement of relationships is fundamental to your success. Communication is your cornerstone.

Telephone consultations are free of charge along with in-person meetings throughout the St. Louis region.

Click here to contact us.

How can we serve you? We’re prepared to assist.


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