Facebook’s Simple Gift On Its 10th Birthday

During today’s discussion of new social media sites for businesses, my client started talking about control and ownership of images, content and data. Whenever these discussions come up, someone always mentions the fine print in Facebook’s user agreement that states anything uploaded to the social media site becomes its property.

The user agreement doesn’t keep most Facebook users from posting photographs and content. But it does cause some people to pause and wonder if they should post personal photos, messages and question whether or not they should have a Facebook account.

Do you trust Facebook with the images and updates that comprise your life’s story?

Many on Wall Street say Facebook stubbed its toe and diminished the tech sector when its IPO didn’t meet expectations in 2012. Facebook’s users continually express frustrations when it changes its news stream and other features. Many are quick to state that younger people aren’t using Facebook as they once did and that it will soon become irrelevant in the social media sector.

A screenshot of the Facebook 10th anniversary video.

A screenshot of the Facebook 10th anniversary video.

These issues made it easy for Facebook’s brand, image and credibility to be called into question. Then, Facebook goes and does something really uncharacteristic for its 10th anniversary. The social media site that seems to engage in chaos for its own betterment did something special for its users. With a simple algorithm that finds and assembles your top content, some great music to set a mood, the social media site gives you something irresistible–a one-minute show or presentation of life events you shared since you clicked and agreed to Facebook’s user agreement.

In about 58 seconds, it produced smiles, tears, heart palpitations and an overwhelming sense of gratitude for blessings bestowed.

Facebook delivered an unexpected emotional connection on a snowy and cold winter day.

When was the last time your marketing or communications caused your audience to make an emotional connection with your business, produce or service? Sometimes, something as simple as a handwritten note of thanks, a photograph or a helpful article or book can create, maintain or enhance a relationship.

Emotional connections nurture trust and become the foundation on which great and lasting relationships are built upon.


2 responses

  1. Great thoughts on this Joe … something very important you touched on, it’s still about relationships, doesn’t matter what the tool is. Over a nearly 30-year career, that is one thing that’s never changed, but we’ve seen a lot of technology changes in the last three decades!

  2. Mary, thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. It seems the older I get, the more I realize how relationships increase in value. Hope all is well with you and your team!

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