Looking Back, Looking Forward

May your holiday season be filled with joy and peace. On this first day of 2012, a few thoughts came to mind that might warrant a quick read.

  • First, the absence of any posts during the last half of 2011 was largely due to family obligations. My mother, 85, was diagnosed with dimentia in September and hospitalized later that month with a dangerously low sodium level. She made a successful recovery and is now in an assisted living facility. As her Power of Attorney, this required a tremendous amount of time and energy to evaluate her legal and financial standing.
  • The marketing and communications efforts of the Greater St. Louis Area Council, Boy Scouts of America were successful in 2011. There were many changes after a new executive director started in March. Several changes were made in the executive leadership that required new and expanded responsibilities.
  • My oldest son, Jonathan, was accepted to the University of Missouri-Columbia and Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. His first choice is the University of Minnesota, but we’re still awaiting word from the Golden Gophers. His Eagle Scout Court of Honor is next Saturday, Jan. 7. There’s a tremendous amount of planning and preparation required for college and the Court of Honor.

During the next few days, the intention is to write a few posts on some issues and lessons learned in marketing and communications during the last few months. They include new skills and abilities that nonprofit communicators must possess to be successful with today’s media. Another area is the strength and credibility that a business can gain from their philanthropic work.

May you be blessed with peace, joy and prosperity in 2012.


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