Building Teams With Marshmallows

One of the great benefits of working for the Boy Scouts of America is witnessing thousands of young men and women learning how to lead others and build effective teams.

There are thousands of large and small small businesses that spend millions of dollars to teach or enhance leadership skills and develop high-performing groups. Most people who participated in Scouting programs are miles ahead of their peers when it comes to these skills. That’s why so many parents continually testify that Scouting helped their child excel in school, sports, jobs and life.

The embedded video by Tom Wujec shows how effective certain groups are when confronted with a simple challenge — build a tower using tape, string and uncooked spaghetti noodles to hold a marshmallow. The takeaways from Wujec’s research can help nonprofit marketing and communications professionals in the following ways:

  • Be flexible with communications and marketing plans during execution
  • If you fail, learn why and how you failed and don’t forget those lessons
  • Always plan for multiple ways to tell your story
  • Be inclusive; share your plan with others throughout the organization and they might help you be even more successful.

As always, you’re welcome to leave a comment. How has leadership and team development played a role in your success as a nonprofit communicator?


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