Ideas Shared, Strategies Developed At First NSC Communications Circle

Debby Edelman, Public Relations Director of Riverbend Head Start, Janelle Floerke, Operations Manager of The Clarkson Eyecare Foundation, L. Carol Scott, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Missouri Child Care Resource and Referral Network, and Carmen Garcia, Communications Manager at the Nonprofit Services Consortium, (from left) attended NSC's first Communications Peer Circle


The first Communications Peer Circle on Thursday, March 3, 2010, at the Nonprofit Service Consortium was great experience.  Participants reviewed how an organization can develop a communications plan in tandem with building a committee of volunteers to execute the plan.        

The most beneficial part of the two-hour session was the exchange of ideas. If one goes into this type of conference or seminar with an attitude that they can come away with something of value for themselves or their organization, they usually will. Plus, you might contribute an idea or solution that will help an individual or organization made a tremendous improvement in fulfilling their mission.    

NSC exists to strengthen the region’s nonprofit organizations and the nonprofit sector. It provides programs services and resources that inform, promote and connect nonprofits as they work to improve people’s lives. (Read more about NSC’s mission, vision and values…)    

A special note of thanks to Carmen Garcia, Communications Manager at NSC, for making the Communications Peer Circle a reality. NSC started with Development Peer Circles to assist those in all areas of fundraising for charities and nonprofits. (Donna McGinnis, MBA, CFRE, leads this group and their next is scheduled for Thursday, April 1.)    

Register for the next Communications Peer Circle. It will be from 9 to 11 a.m. on Thursday, May 6, 2010, at NSC. We’re kicking around the idea of talking about social media. As soon as we have the topic refined, we’ll publicize it.     

 You’re welcome to leave a comment on future topics or anything else you find on the blog. The slides that guided Thursday’s discussion are below.    


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