Using Video For Storytelling, Fundraising

If nonprofit organizations are going to be successful in raising funds, they must effectively tell their story. It helps when stories have strong emotional ties and can be told with photography or video.

This video was produced last month as part of a National Court of Honor ceremony by the Boy Scouts of America here in the Greater St. Louis Area Council. The Scout received an Honor Medal, the second-highest that can be bestowed for an act of heroism.

It was shot with a Flip camera. Most of the editing was done with the software that came from the Flip camera. Some music and sound editing were performed later in the process. It was uploaded to the council’s YouTube site. A media advisory was distributed a few days before the event. At least two reporters watched the video and said it contributed to their decision to cover the event. (One television reporter almost duplicated the interview on the video. She had the Scout recall the rescue near the scene of the incident.)

After the video was played at the event on Wednesday night, the Scout received a lengthy standing ovation. Three members of the Greater St. Louis Area Council’s Executive Board made the presentation. The event kicked of the council’s 2010 fundraising campaign.

During a conversation with a friend today, it was mentioned that nonprofit communications and marketing professionals must be a jack of all trades and a master of none. As today’s social media channels evolve, fast and efficient delivery of good content trumps style and meticulousness.


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