Telling Your Story With Video

Using video effectively in your nonprofit organization will be the top of the Tuesday, Feb. 9, 2010, Community Service Public Relations Council luncheon. During a conference call today with the presenters, Kristen Hare of the St. Louis Beacon and Tiffany Collins of the Humane Society of Missouri. Ms. Hare is planning to focus on how organizations can best tell a story using video, especially if the person producing the video has more experience writing or editing stories. Ms. Collins is planning to present on how the Humane Society of Missouri effectively uses video to tell emotional stories.

Creating effective videos for your organization is possible, even if you don’t have much money. Both of the panelists will offer tips and information on how to produce videos in a cost-effective way for use in fundraising, and on your web site. Ms. Hare will also discuss equipment, editing software and how to write for video.

We hope our luncheons help our member’s organizations and others. With this in mind, CSPRC members can send a link to one of their videos that’s currently online. If you produced a video that, (a) you’re proud of, (b) was extremely successful, (c) one that didn’t accomplish your goal and you’re not sure why it didn’t or (d) any of the above, please send the link to and we will post it to the CSPRC home page. We hope this will help all of our organizations by sharing best practices and constructive critique.



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