Lance Armstrong’s Twitpic of His Son’s Pinewood Derby Car

Lance Armstrong gave Cub Scouting’s Pinewood Derby an implied endorsement on Twitpic: The subject line: Putting the finishing touches on the pinewood derby car.

For those not familiar with Cub Scouting or the Pinewood Derby, it’s a parent-and-son project. They take a block of pine, shape it, paint it, put wheels on it and race it. The Boy Scouts of America couldn’t have asked for a better implied endorsement from someone of Lance Armstrong’s caliber. The photo already generated a number of comments on Twitpic.
This is the essence of how social media can contribute to a conversation involving your non-profit organization. I would love to be at the Armstrong’s pack pinewood derby to see if Lance can contain the competitive spirit we’ve seen throughout his life. Do you think the other parents are intimidated by the design that Lance and his son will develop? I hope he will post photographs of the completed car and with his son holding up their trophy. Will the winner of Armstrong’s Pinewood Derby will trade their blue Cub Scout uniform for a yellow one?

So, to keep up with Lance, here’s my son Ryan with his car after this year’s race. Yeah, the Armstrong’s are probably designing something sleek and fast with carbon fiber and graphite on the wheels. They’ve probably been measuring the grams of sawdust that were carved off the block. The Mueller’s had the great idea of a pool table on wheels, which won a certificate for best design of the first-year Webelos. The miniature cans on the side of the pool table are soft drinks next to the fruit. Mom nixed the idea of adult beverages and chips. Lance would probably go for that.

2 responses

  1. Scouting has played a big role in forming my personal and organizational mission…which is “Making a significant and meaningful difference in the lives of individuals and the performance of organizations…” The Pinewood Derby was one of the highpoints of my scouting experience…both as a scout and the parent of a scout. To help give back for that gift that I received…I just wrote and released a book about the Derby called “Pinewood-Winning by the Rules” ISBN 978-1-60911-153-3. It shows that the BIG race can be won by sticking to the rules…Isn’t that what scouting is all about?
    My son was district champ for 3 years in a row. It is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and through my website

  2. Definitely happy I came across this blog today has cheered me up quite honestly

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