Foray Into Social Media

After about six months of encouragement by the Greater St. Louis Area Council’s IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) Group, we identified an initiative that was a natural for a social media campaign.

Two Scouts from the council were elected to national offices in the Boy Scouts of America. Part of their responsibility is to present the BSA’s Report to the Nation to Congress as required by federal charter. Every President of the United States has welcomed a contingent to the Oval Office dating back to Howard Taft.

One of the Scouts, Jack O’Neill, attended the Inauguration and updated his Facebook page with photos and stories from the event. A couple of school districts also had students write blogs, publish photos and use Twitter during the Inauguration.

Since Jack had already done this once in D.C., it was clear he could do it again. He and Amanda Vogt, the other Scout, will be writing a blog that will feed Twitter and Facebook. Here’s the addresses:

A special thanks to IMC Group members Pat Powers, an Eagle Scout who works at Webster University’s marketing department, for doing the heavy lifting on this project. Thanks also IMC Group members Jeff Abernathy, an Eagle Scout who works in IT at St. Louis University, for his guidance and Amy Shaw, who is married to an Eagle Scout, for her steadfast encouragement.

Here’s a link to a story that’s the result of our media relations efforts: Ballwin resident to meet with Obama, Pelosi. Jack and Amanda are scheduled to appear during on KSDK’s 5:30 a.m. newscast on Friday.


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