Emptying The Notebook

Here’s a couple of interesting items I found while emptying my notebook from the past few weeks:

Managing in Tough Times Seven Steps: Great piece to circulate amongst your management team. I found it through the GuideStar newsletter and it’s from bridgespan.org. Information onacting, prioritizing and leading your organization during challenging times. Tips for communicating, staying close to key funders, and involving boards of directors.

Local Nonprofits Remain Cautiously Optimistic: The Rome Group’s newsletter, Insights, published survey results from its 2008 Annual Appeal Results. “Among the 53 respondents to The Rome Group’s survey, 47 said they conducted an end-of-the-year appeal. Of those who reported an increase over 2007, the median increase was between 11% and 15%. Nearly one-fifth, however, reported increases of 20% or more. Eleven percent said year-end donations declined by at least 20%.”

Great Tutorial For Importance of Online Video: Learned about dogooder.tv on the Nonprofit Jungle Podcast. The site is sort of a YouTube for non-profit and charitable organizations. The tutorial is from See 3 Communications, which hosts the site and develops video. Yes, they’re in the business of producing videos. But the tutorial should convince every executive director, program director and development director of the importance of video in communications.

1. The World We Live In from See3 Communications on Vimeo.


2 responses

  1. Like the video from See3 Communications. Video is a critical part, but I underscore part of communications. It is however, best used in the appropriate context, for the appropriate message. If the issue has compelling pictures, describing the human experience, illustrating complex information flow, are among the major reasons to use video. Audio and print, however are equally effective for other message types. Discussion of concepts or policies, engaging in storytelling, come on admit it, you can get hypnotized by the voice of James Earl Jones. Exactly, audio and print have their place too.All the best, Albert Maruggi

  2. Thanks for the nice words. The World We Live In video above is actually just part 1 of a 7 part series of online video. I agree print has it’s place, but people today expect to SEE and HEAR and FEEL the work of organizations. Those that don’t document their work and tell visual stories are going to lose out. Thanks again. And please also take note of the 3rd Annual DoGooderTV Nonprofit Video Awards, sponsored by NTEN – the Nonprofit Technology Network. More info on the awards here http://www.dogooder.tv/contest2009

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