How can we help your nonprofit or business improve its communications and be more successful?

Technology is disrupting the communications and marketing industry. Strategies developed during the last 20 to 40 years are no longer effective in reaching and influencing your audience. People have never been more connected to others through the Internet, social media and mobile devices. But those people–your audience–are more segmented and fragmented.

Joe Mueller Principal Mueller Communications

Joe Mueller
Mueller Communications

Mueller Communications was founded with the mission:

To create connections between people and groups and develop strategic approaches that unify people in working together to achieve a common goal.

We analyze your organization’s relationships with your audience or stakeholders–customers, donors, clients and/or the general public. We work with your organization to develop plans to connect or renew relationships with people or groups that are critical to your success. As the connection or reconnection is taking place, we execute a strategy that will unify people throughout your organization. When people work together with a common vision, they will achieve your organization’s most important goals and objectives.

We’re eager to learn about your organization and to develop successful strategies and plans. Contact us to schedule a free conference call or consultation.

Nonprofit Communication Conference at
Drury University’s Center for Nonprofit Leadership

Thanks to all who attended my presentation, “How to Get Your E-Mail Programs Fit, Fascinating and Fashionable,” on Friday, Oct. 16, 2015 in Springfield, Mo. As promised, here are the materials:

Presentation Workbook with Answers (PDF)

Presentation Slides

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